Simon started Djing in 2009 when he and a group of friends formed a live chillout act named 'Chi'. The aim was to create a troupe that plays live chillout sessions on the beach and DJ Sets tailor made for the Maldivian resort setting.

Simon had always had deep passion for music. He started off as a drummer for a famous local band called 1984. He has played over 20 gigs at various venues across Maldives. The band were also runner-ups in the first ever Breakout Festival.

His real passion lies in laid back, chillout tracks, perfect for the chic bar setting within the Maldivian setting with more energy spent on finding new music.

"Its not only about playing cheesy commercial tracks, there are so many good electronic music that's perfect for Maldivian Resorts. If you play the same cheesy dance tracks every time, peopled will get bored. I hunt for new and fresh current cutting edge electronic music everyday. But In the end of the day the main thing is always to make sure the people that you play for eventually have a good time, even if it takes playing that cheesy commercial sometimes. I really like deep house which is genre perfect for a beautiful setting like in Madlvies. Its Laid back, groovy and makes you dance even if u didn't want to."









Genre : Deephouse, House