Born in the Maldives, Umar's profession as a DJ has taken him to great heights placing him as one of the most popular DJ in the Maldives. His strength is his ability to immediately understand his audience and play the perfect soundtrack to heighten their dance floor joy.

As a pioneer, Umar introduced various new styles and genres of music to enhance the local Dj scene increasing the standard towards an international level. With themed cafe nights, the ever-adapting entertainer created CHASE! Events and other nights at local establishments; the Big Apple, Cheers and at The Sea House.

He then pursued the international style by claiming several residencies at various Maldivian resorts entertaining crowds from all over the world with many different styles of music. This multiplied his understanding and appreciation of music educating him in various new sounds.

Umar's reputation skyrocketed with the success of Maldives first mixed CD compilation escalating him to the top of his peers. The Club Bangerz CD Compilation series continued with follow up releases of Club Gold Volumes.

His experience is highlighted by milestones achieved over his 15 years behind the decks rocking crowds both local and international. He has played sets in Australia as part of the Deluxxx Events in 2001/2002 working alongside greats like Gavin Boyd, Kristian Hernandez and Kina. Umar has also built networks with various nightclubs in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka playing feature guest Dj sets throughout his yearly calendar.

Playing alongside the legendary Dj Jazzy Jeff on the international circuit in Manila would be the official round-up to Umar's 2012 itinerary.

Partnering Island Entertainment, the innovator produced the locally acclaimed BOUNCE! Events at Kuda Bandos Island in 2006/2007 and UnLeashed in 2007 which included Australian international DJs. Most recently, he has partnered, Dj Vifak with UBER Events and Artist to cement his involvement in the youth related projects in the years to come.

Ziyad draws on his vast experience to conclude that his purpose is to provide access to opportunities for the youth while entertaining as many along the way.








Genre : Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, House