Uber Events & Artist Management is an entertainment network organized and put together by some of the most established and experienced sound experts in the Maldives. They include renowned artists such as DJ Vifak and DJ Umar. These founders of UBER are well known for their skill and talent in Events, sound and lights arena.

UBER was officially established in 2011 although the founder's experience as individual artists span for over 11 long years.

UBER was formed with the objective of managing events, promoting professional talents and creating a platform to guide artists to the right events so that it opens up additional opportunities for them to perform and express their skills. UBER also aims to promote artists in the international sphere in addition to current efforts in creating opportunities for aspiring artist.

Since its official establishment in 2011, UBER has successfully conducted several courses to train and provide opportunities to aspiring music artists in the Maldives, arranged sound-reinforcement for Paris House Addict (Café' Del-mar / One & Only Reethi Rah), organized and arrange the full sound and light set-up for the Sultans of the Seas' 10 year's anniversary event etc. In addition to this, UBER also organized and arrange the performance of well-known international artists from various countries such as Australia, Philippines Malaysia etc.; on several occasions.

UBER Events also would invite international artists from around the world. By inviting them to UBER Events, UBER aims to organize events and conduct activities that would provide aspiring Maldivian artists the opportunity to broaden their scope and horizon.

It is UBER's target to build up on current pool of local and international talent of DJs, musiciansand other related artists. And also, to direct and source them according to individual needs of events that take place locally and internationally, especially in the tourism entertainment market to assist the clients in choosing the most appropriate artists, lights and sound, and genre and style to suit the specific needs of an event.